Clothing you simply want to wear

All of Tee Jays new products are 100% organic

It’s all systems go at Tee Jays next year, with the brand launching a whole new range of products, as well as developments to existing ranges.

As part of Tee Jays’ newly developed performance series, the brand presents the Luxury Sport Tee, a high-quality performance tee made from functional polyester. The soft, breathable and lightweight fabric is made for an excellent comfort, in a moisture wicking fabric that helps keep you dry.

In 2020 Tee Jays will also introduce an elegant women’s v-neck polo shirt with cotton/elastane fabric that ensures perfect comfort and an excellent fitting. The Luxury Stretch V-neck Polo features a tailored fit and the mini piqué fabric and flat knit collar with Lycra make the unique v-neck polo an all-time favourite.

Luxury Stretch V-neck Polo

Tee Jays’ collection also includes new functional urban jackets to meet your every need, when it comes to everyday living and lifestyle. Tee Jays is very proud to make clothing you simply want to wear, and with these jackets you can stay elegant and city cool.

All new styles are made from Tee Jays’ well-known premium quality and matching the trends from retails, as always, the brand presents new stunning colours that include rose and forest green as well as some high-level energy colours included on key performance items.

Organic collection

As part of Tee Jays’ long-term sustainability strategy, this year will see the introduction of several top-quality classics in organic cotton, including Tee Jays’ tees and polo shirts.

Tee Jays is committed to doing what it can to help foster the change needed for a healthier planet and a greener, more sustainable future.

Going organic is a process. And while Tee Jays can’t wait to call itself 100% organic, the brand does not support waste. Existing styles are currently in transition to organic, meaning that new productions are made in 100% organic yarns, while stock products are being sold from a ‘first in, first out’ principle.

This year’s new styles and colours are 100% organic – these are marked with the Tee Jays’ organic logo.

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