Choose your style and adapt

Bespoke clothing is a win, win

Did you know United Brands offers bespoke clothing? United Brands can offer you bespoke garments on all garments featured in its catalogue. Yes all of them!

All you need to do is pick a garment to customise and let us know what branding accessories etc. you need and send in your artwork designs and leave the rest to the team. All of United Brands’ factories are fully audited and have proven themselves to be a reliable source of supplying the company with the off the shelf garments.

These factories based in China, Bangladesh, India and Vietman are already supplying United Brands with Craft, Clique, Harvest, ProJob, Printer, DAD and New Wave plus many more Grizzly, Jingham, Insideout, Jobman. United Brands can use all styles to adapt, mix and match the fabrics, all aspects of branding from print and embroidery to dye sub to badge laser and accessories.

United Brands can offer plain stock samples and size sets to ensure all will be the exact fit and quality needed.

A key factor in this process is that there are no agents involved which not only speeds up the process for you but will also keep costs down which is a win win I’m sure you’ll agree.

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