Choice from YES Ltd widens

A Ricoma machine
A Ricoma machine

As the company enters its 20th year of trading the guys at Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) are expanding their, already extensive, range of embroidery machines to include the new Ricoma models.

This name may not be as familiar as the already established SWF brand associated with YES but don’t let that cloud your view. Ricoma is the biggest and most successful embroidery machine manufacturer in China and they have achieved that position by developing machines that realise the high standards demanded by western embroiderers. Although the brand has a full range of machines YES will only initially offer the smaller machines such as the single head. This is in keeping with the way the company operates with most capital equipment offering a phased introduction which guarantees the high standard of service synonymous with YES. John-Paul Burton, sales director, said: “It would be very easy to introduce the full range but that is not the way we work. A gradual introduction means that we can maintain the high standards of service and support we set ourselves.”

The Ricoma machines are being introduced as a complement to the highly regarded SWF machines so that potential users have an even wider range of product to choose from. John-Paul added: “Initially our key aim is always to match the customer’s needs with the machinery we show them. SWF has a fantastic range of models and by adding Ricoma into the mix it means that the end user will have a wider selection to choose from. The whole idea is that they complement each other thereby offering the ultimate choice”

A YES mantra is that the company ‘supplies the machine the customer needs’ and not the one they need to sell. By introducing Ricoma they are emphasising that point even more.

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