Chic jackets with excellent heat insulation

Active Padded Jacket
Active Urban Padded Jacket

The Stedman Active collection offers a broad range of both chic and warming outerwear. For example, the Active Padded Jackets with stylish contrast zippers are water repellent, wind-resistant and offer supreme warmth. Details include a woven nylon shell and lining (filled with polyester padding) and a foldable hoodie with adjustable draw cords in the stand-up collar. The wind-resistant wind shelter helps to keep you nice and toasty. These comfortable outdoor styles for men (ST5200) and women (ST5300) are highly compressible, so simply stuff them in your backpack for easy portability.

If you need something even warmer, Stedman’s Active Urban Padded Jacket might be the right choice for your cold-weather adventure. These thick woven jackets are made of 100% polyester and packed with goodies: Practical and versatile sleeve zippers allow you to combine your favorite pair of gloves for even more warmth. Men (ST5220) get their much-loved chest pocket with a zipper. Ladies (ST5320) are dazzled with adorable push buttons on pockets and collar. The removable large hood adds the wow factor for our fashion-conscious ladies.

All padded styles are available in sizes from S-XL, 2XL for men, in various heather tones.

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