CCI releases over 30 new products

Last month it was announced that Chemical Consultants Inc was rebranding to become CCI. Now the company is releasing over 30 new products in the coming months.

These products are within the equipment, ink, and chemical lines.

CCI will introduce a new line of Ready-to-Us(RFU) discharge inks under the brand name of T-Charge.

Based on customer requests and preferences, CCI Products has created 14 new RFU inks to save time and take the guesswork out of mixing. These discharge inks are free from toxic chemicals like PVC, phthalates, and heavy metals. It can be used straight as a water-based ink or you can add D-Powder to discharge. These colours can be mixed together to match a wide range of shades according to CCI’s colour matching system.

CCI will also offer 14 new pigments branded under the name BOOST. These vibrant pigments are more heavily concentrated, thicker, and easier to measure. They provide improved flow characteristics and can be used with the company’s discharge or water-based inks. They have excellent stability and storage properties.

CCI has been working on a table top version of the vertical direct to screen LED-Exposure Unit. The new unit utilises a state-of-the-art vacuum chamber design, which allows for immediate vacuum draw down. Unlike metal-halide systems, using LEDs saves power and money and does not require a light integrator. Metal-halide  bulbs tend to lose efficiency, require constant replacement and continue to consume power even when sitting idle.

And last but not least, as a founder and leader in the screen printing chemicals, CCI has introduced the new ECO product lines which are environmentally friendly and highly concentrated. The new ECO-STRIP is a two-in-one ink and emulsion remover designed for automatic screen reclaiming units. ECO-WASH is a solvent-free ink cleaner that is 100% water-based. It is designed for heated and non-heated recirculating washing units. The Eco-Boost bio-technology helps break down the solids left behind from the ink, reducing the amount of waste generated from the ink cleaning process.


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