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Performance boost of Trotec’s Speedy laser machines

Trotec’s laser engravers Speedy 100 and Speedy 300 have been further developed to make laser users’ work simpler, faster and more profitable. The newly developed Ceramicore laser source for Speedy 100 and Speedy 300 enables laser engraving of finest structures, lines and characters thanks to a very small beam diameter. In addition …

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New infrared dryer launched by Mismatic

The new infrared dryer M265 from Mismatic has been designed and built with the aim to give a reliable help to printers who need to dry a few items daily, but do not want to buy a cumbersome, expensive and power-hungry piece of equipment. Due to the latest generation technology, …

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New higher-performance desktop digital cutter from Graphtec GB

To replace the CE Lite-50 small-format digital cutter, Graphtec GB has launched the widest and most cost-effective addition to its range of Silhouette Cameo machines. Called the Silhouette Cameo 4 Pro, it is packaged with performance-enhancing design features (including those already found on the Cameo 4 and Plus 4 machines), …

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Sabur to distribute Diferro heat presses and calenders

Sabur has entered into a new distribution agreement with Diferro heat presses and calenders to continue to strengthen its presence in the UK textile market sector. Diferro was established in 1985 and originally provided its customers with transfer presses, steam boilers and flat irons. Diferro now offers a wide range …

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Secabo launches modular Lite heat press series

With this new development of the Secabo TC Lite toggle press, Secabo is launching a lucrative modular system that opens up a multitude of new possibilities for price-conscious users. More flexibility thanks to easily exchangeable components, in short a basic product with great upgrade options. This means that the new …

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EXILE adds in-line configuration to SPYDER CtS systems

EXILE’s SPYDER computer to screen systems are now complemented by the V-LUX UV Exposure System in a new in-line configuration with INPRO’s Tigerclean Combi-Eco Developer and Hi Pressure Washout system. This in-line system comprises a docking unit that converts EXILE’s stand-alone V-LUX into an integrated in-line system combining both screen …

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