CADlink releases EngraveLab v10

EngraveLab Version 10 is CADlink Technology Corporation’s latest release of its very widely used laser and spindle-based engraving software.

The software includes application-specific design and production tools not found in standard design applications or limited functionality engraving software products that may be included alongside certain engraving devices.

EngraveLab supports virtually all widely used engravers and is also bundled alongside some of the industry’s leading engraving devices.

The latest version of the software includes a host of new features for both laser (including support of Leetro as well as Ruida controller based devices) as well as spindle engravers. Leading the way are the new 3D previewer with simplified conversion tools of 2D images into 3D output as well as an .STL import filter; automated photo conversion to finely detailed laser output on a large variety of materials, advanced Braille production tools that include all of the latest text to Braille conversion libraries and much more.

EngraveLab v10 also includes a multitude of material and labour-saving features that optimise production and reduce material costs. In particular, tools such as advanced shape nesting, optimised fill routines and extended barcode support provide an almost immediate return on investment. Worldwide language support using Unicode standards as well as translated software and resource materials enable engravers around the globe to benefit from this very powerful software.

Download a free trial here.

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