CAD cut films for stretchy fabrics

PS Stretch Hi-Tech
PS Stretch Hi-Tech

It’s important to ensure you have the right materials for the job to achieve first class results when applying garment vinyls. Grafityp UK has a number of films, produced by Siser in Europe, that are suitable for applying on to garments made from stretchy materials.

PS Stretch is a very thin film for plotter cutting with a soft touch feel and great stretch and rebound properties. It blends well on textiles and is easy to weed and apply. It comes on an adhesive polyester backing and is ideal for use on cotton, polyester, polyester/cotton blends and Lycra and offers a choice of 14 great colours.

PS Hi-Tech in eight popular colours is also a plotter cut material designed for low temperature applications to reduce heat press marks on garments. It is thin, elastic and soft to the touch, blending perfectly into textiles and a self-adhesive backing aids in weeding and application on to cotton, polyester, technical fabrics and Lycra.

Soft Cut is a 50 micron PU material designed for stretchy textiles and is really thin and soft providing high penetration into the fibres of such fabrics as polyester, polyester/cotton blends and Lycra. This very elastic film comes in a choice of eight colours.

Grafityp offers an extensive collection of garment films for both plotter cutting and printing and for a wide variety of application types as well as heat presses, print and cut machines, tools and accessories. Request a catalogue to find out more, or visit the company’s website.

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