A busy 2017 so far

Racer 1XL

The Stocks and ZSK team have had a busy 2017 with over 12 exhibitions and new machinery it’s hard to keep up.

The latest technology from ZSK has set new benchmarks throughout the embroidery sector. After the industry was given the smallest cylinder arm in 2016, ZSK has taken it that step further with the new Racer 1XL 24 needle machine with orders taken for 10 machines, 16 needles is no longer the bench mark as ZSK have 24.The Racer 1XL, developed and produced with the same German engineering and manufacturing as all ZSK embroidery machines, is state-of-the-art in respect to embroidery speed, precision and flexibility.

Not stopping with the Racer XL, version two of the Racer Multihead Series in now on its way with a new +92mm arm giving more room for embroidery and new LED lighting plus much more.

If this is not enough ZSK is not stopping there, introducing Your Smake E Shop.

Your Smake E Shop directly forwards your real production data automated into your production process. Smake E Shop is the direct link and starting point between you and your customer to be able to feed production from website to production is the future and the future is on its way.

On commercial embroidery machinery Stocks now has in stock the new Brother PR670e.

The most innovative six-needle home and small business embroidery machine, a highly powerful and efficient six-needle embroidery machine, but with the ease-of-use and reliability that only Brother can provide.

The PR670e raises the bar within the industry for embroidery enthusiasts, crafters and home-based entrepreneurs. The PR670e comes equipped with some of the most powerful design and editing capabilities ever built into a multi-needle embroidery machine. Just when you think you’ve reached the limits of creative freedom, look again… with increase your productivity with industrial-level acceleration. Reach up to 1,000 stitches per minute in seven seconds. This improved acceleration is not only on initial start-up, but at thread trims, too.


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