Brother GTX’s continuing growth and a fit for every workspace

The Brother GTX is perfect for retail environments

Direct to garment printing has developed leaps and bounds over the last 12 to 18 months. As well as new technology creating huge boosts to productivity, lower running costs and easier user interaction, DTG overall has made various new markets in the garment decoration industry a lot more accessible.

Thanks to printers like Brother’s GTX, there’s improved print quality, ease of use and faster turnaround times, so because of this it’s making DTG printing more a common day to day print practice.

Not only is it becoming a more standard in-house print process for online trade, brand creation, corporate and promotion printing, but it is also appearing right in front of the consumers with numerous brands and high street retailers with prints being completed in stores, promotional shows and live events; right in front of customer’s eyes.

With great technological developments in mechanics, electronics, inks and solutions – artwork now easier than ever to convert with Brother’s free supplied software and print drivers – pre-treatment machines becoming more reliable and consistent – the GTX’s environmental requirements being a lot less demanding in their restrictions – curing methods being available in all shapes, sizes and price points and maintenance processes on the GTX being made easier and less frequent.

It’s now easier than ever to offer DTG printing as a service no matter your workspace. Whether it’s in an office, industrial factory or unit, workshop, retail store or even made to go mobile and on the move.

The ever growing versatility offered by Brother GTX printer is certainly making its presence felt throughout the industry.

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