Breaking new ground in 2017

AJS Embroidery Services is pleased to announce the arrival of two brand new models of embroidery machine from the world renowned machine manufacturer Tajima.


The first new model is a TMBU-S1401C single head, 14 colour machine which is constructed specifically to handle large tubular items such as bags and difficult to embroider golf bags which will now be a breeze with the machines new construction.

The main body is now constructed in a tower like shape giving a massive height and depth of product area under the needle to enable embroidery on other wise impossible to embroiderer products such as ready-made golf bags and larger tubular products which have in the past needed special removable panels etc. to enable embroidery of logos.

To help with the large products Tajima has included a hydraulic table which the operator can easily operate to go up and down to the desired height to support their products size and weight while the embroidery takes place.


Also Tajima has created a brand new cross-hair laser marker for critical positioning, an LED needle lamp and a large under head light to make working easy with no dark areas under the sewing head.

Holding the items securely while embroidering is also aided by the introduction of the M-Frames from Tajima which are magnetic windows in five sizes which help to easily hold larger and heavier products in place whilst embroidering. Tajima also supplies cap frames, border frames, air type clamp frames, sock frames and much more to help with any type of product which cannot go in a traditional tubular frame.

Embroidering caps on the TMBU is much improved with a brand new cap frame system and a new ultra-thin cylinder arm to enable you get much lower on caps and run at improved speeds up to 1000spm.

The actual sewing head has Tajima’s latest DCP (digitally controlled presser foot) whereby the presser foot height and timing can be controlled digitally to help improve sewing dramatically on thick, thin and traditionally hard to embroider fabrics and products such a Lycra, leather, plastic type materials etc.

As well as DCP the TMBU has a FS Mode (fine stitch) to enable you to sew much thicker and softer twisted threads which have not been possible before.

The TMBU comes with an intuitive and easy to use MX control panel which many Tajima users find easy to use on other models in the Tajima MX range of machines.

As with all Tajima machines networking machines to software is a breeze with DG15 by Pulse Software. Easily network any number of machines, combination of heads etc. via a simple LAN connection which you can use to open and send designs. Or use a more popular option of pulling your designs to the machine by simply scanning a barcode and the machine will accept not only the design but the start position, running speed, colour sequence and production notes all at the same time so all the operator has to do is press go.


The second new model available from Tajima in 2017 is the Tajima TMAR-VC which is a 12 head, 15 colour version of the top of the range AR series which was launched a couple of years ago.

The TMAR-VC is a drop table compact 12 head machine with all the features which are packed into the two, four, six and eight head compact version AR Type 2 machines.


The main benefits of the TMAR-VC are:

  • Compact body construction.
  • 12 heads.
  • 15 colours.
  • New cap frame design.
  • DCP (digitally controlled presser foot) technology.
  • FS mode.
  • Touch screen operating panel.
  • High speed.
  • Drop table for garments and caps.
  • Ultra-thin sewing arm.
  • Direct Command Head control buttons.
  • Head grouping.

Breaking new ground

At the time of writing this article AJS is still waiting for the final draft of the brochure to be approved but the best thing to do would be to visit Printwear & Promotion LIVE! to see these machines in action for the first time in the UK.

Again, Tajima is breaking new ground with machines and technology which keeps the company at the forefront of machines design and technology.

AJS is proud to continue being the exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland and the team looks forward to continuing its very close relationship with Tajima which helps AJS supply and support the most up to date machinery which customers have come to expect and demand from Tajima to keep the ahead of their competitors in an ever more competitive market place.

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