Breaking the mould in 2017

FREEStyler setting up for T shirt printing live at the NBM show
FREEStyler setting up for T shirt printing live at the NBM show

Resolute broke the mould in 2016 and is set to do it again in 2017. The second half of 2016 has brought new products to the textile market but with a twist, and it looks like Resolute will kick off 2017 in the same way.

Not being experts in the screen printing area many were shocked when Resolute announced it would develop a flat bed direct to screen system in 2015. Without doubt Resolute has done this using the R-Jet L.A. chassis and literally turned the DTS market on its head. The sub £10k system launched at Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2016 and was demonstrated on no less than three stands. Partnering with DTS industry experts EXILE Technologies helped Resolute create the perfect platform of a much needed DTS system that is simple to use, practically zero maintenance and very economical to run.

A perfect fit

The FREEStyler is now available globally and fits perfectly into the small to medium sized screen printing business. Eliminating the use of film positives and at the same time implementing a tri-lock registration system that not only speeds up the screen making process, it also reduces setup times on the press. The exposed image and washed out mesh results are excellent. Better still they are produced on your existing frames and mesh, in many cases using the same emulsion. Its versatile clamping mechanism allows for frames as small as A3 up to 36x27in taking only seconds to switch between different sizes.

Using a custom version of the well know filmmaker software, separations are made quickly and simply with moire a thing of the past. The FREEStyler benefits from a two part software process allowing artwork and separations to be ripped outside the dark room appearing on a file spooler in the screen production room ready to image automatically. The screen maker selects the image or separation from a preview and the FREEStyler starts. Once imaged you expose using your existing exposure unit or the FREEStyler has its own custom made LED built in exposure unit which saves space and time.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it, but that’s not all the FREEStyler can do. As you would probably expect, Resolute cannot help itself where DTG printing is concerned so the FREEStyler is a DTG printer as well.

FREEStyler with its space saving exposure unit
FREEStyler with its space saving exposure unit

The possibility

How is this possible? As one of only five companies in the world licensed to utilise HP technology Resolute was able to make this printer practically zero maintenance and carry two different ink sets. By simply attaching one of the custom T shirt platens you can be printing T shirts one minute and then switch back to screen production the next. You don’t even have to remove the screen clamps in order to print a T shirt. With its automatic laser guided height system the printer scans the screen or garment loaded and sets the perfect height to produce a sharp print every time. The FREEStyler may not be the fastest DTG printer available but it’s no slouch and quicker than most Epson modified alternatives that cannot produce screens. As a two for one system it is the most economical solution offering huge flexibility to small and medium screen printers everywhere.

Official information

Following on, the team at Resolute feels this is a good time to share some official information about the much rumoured R-Jet 6.

Due to be released for beta testing by September this year the R-Jet 6 is the big brother to the tried and tested R-Jet 5. Different in many ways the R-Jet 6 is a high end production machine that utilises a similar chassis to the R-Jet L.A. Manufactured right here in the UK by Resolute Print Group it will be the first DTG machine built from the ground up made in England. It does not use a modified printer like most of the R-Jet 5’s competitors. This puts the R-Jet 6 in the same category as Brother, Kornit and the M-Link. Production figures are staggering compared to its cost of ownership and ongoing running costs. Using industrial print heads, white ink circulation and a fully pressurised bulk ink system it delivers perfect prints at unbeatable ink costs. The chassis allows for fat quarter of fabric to be printed also offering all over T shirt printing.

Keep an eye on Resolute’s Facebook page for updates as pictures and videos are released once the prototypes are installed.

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