BMB takes high tech and high spec to the max

Victory Panelled Sports Shirt
Victory Panelled Sports Shirt

It’s no longer just gadgets that need to be high spec and high tech. Technology, in the form of high performance fabrics incorporated into clothing, is also in high demand.

Blue Max Banner casts the spotlight on its high-performance garment line-up for 2016.

MaxTech is BMB’s own patented technical fabric technology. Maxtech behaves in a number of different ways – for sport, it offers moisture management and for schoolwear it offers a stain resistant coating.

Look out for MaxTech in the Challenge and Victory Panelled Sports Shirts as well as the best-selling, fully reversible International Rugby shirt, available in a choice of eight contrast colours.

A MaxTech stain-resistant finish is a must for schoolwear and that’s why it features prominently across BMB’s schoolwear collection. The fabric has been rigorously tested to withstand whatever the school day throws at it, keeping garments looking as good as new.

Also part of BMB’s technical line up a new high-performance sports sock collection featuring

CoolMax technology which functions by moving perspiration away from the body and through the four-channel fibres for quick evaporation, keeping the wearer cool and dry.

They are available in white in both child and adult sizes.

Technical fabrics are at their most advanced in the Orion Capsule Collection, Blue Max Banner’s game-changing, sportswear line-up which is high on spec as well as on style. Look out for several professional features including moisture management wicking, double layer hoods, fully zipped pockets and technical polyester fabrics designed to prolong life. The collection includes the best-selling Splash Top, made from a 100% taslon polyester, with a 600mm PU coating, a reversible games shirt, tracksuit pants, a hoody, T shirt, skort and games short. Choose from five contrast colour combinations.

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