Better the OK!

Powered by TheMagicTouch, the ultimate entry-level transfer paper printer has finally arrived.

The new TMT/ Oki C650 is a robust, high performance A4 CMYK printer that will set the pace for entry-level transfer printing for many years to come. The space-saving design presents the smallest footprint of any high speed colour laser/ LED printer ever.

As with all previous TMT/ Oki printer models, the available three year on-site warranty applies offering reliability and quality as expected. Equipped with Oki’s latest polyester-based ‘low melt’ toner and new ‘instant-on’ power saving fuser technology, the device is the most compatible A4 printer for transfer applications on the market today.

Jim Nicol, managing director, highlighted: “The new toner composition delivers transfer durability on cotton and mixed fabrics beyond all expectations in terms of vibrant colour and wash durability. This is the perfect printer to enable those already experienced in sublimation to consider the many benefits to full colour transfer print to cotton and for less than £1000 including VAT.”

Enhanced by new SpaceControl Basic+ print utility (RIP) software with ‘pre-set’ media settings including A4XL for selected 216x420mm transfers, the printing of all 10 different transfer papers will be managed and consistent. The new printer features separate toners and drums to maximise usage of all consumables.

In addition to the various different transfer papers, the company also offer a host of other synthetic media products which can be printed directly using the new printer. These include wristbands, luggage tags, ID cards, window stickers, synthetic media, business cards and adhesive vinyls for both indoor and outdoor use.

TheMagicTouch toner-based transfer technology continues to grow in popularity due to the increasing range of products that can be decorated in full colour quickly and cost effectively.

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