Betsy Benn grows business with Trotec Laser

Cheltenham-based print and gift company Betsy Benn choose Trotec to personalise a variety of her designs from Christmas decorations to passport covers and beyond.

Betsy Benn started out as a sole trader in 2010 focusing on selling her unique prints in small boutiques. She was soon invited to join which propelled her to popularity, and she now employs nine members of staff. In just the second year of trading, Ms Benn won the prestigious Make Award for Best Customer Service and was a finalist for product of the year.

In 2014 the purchase of a Rayjet laser was the breakthrough for Betsy Benn. The addition of the desktop laser cutter enabled her  to take the artistry she had developed and apply it to new materials, taking the Betsy Benn company in new and exciting directions.

In 2016, Betsy Benn installed the Trotec Speedy Laser 300 laser engraver to help improve the company’s workflow.

Ms Benn, company director said: “Our Speedy has added another dimension to our work and is an important element of the creative process when building new ideas, offering greater creative scope to process a variety of materials.”

As well as the Speedy 300’s processing capabilities,  the customer support and after sale service were also hugely important in helping  to decide which laser machine supplier to choose.

Ms Benn added: “The ability to go into Trotec’s laser showroom to test the machines and find out what was possible on our own products, coupled with Trotec’s experts being on hand to advise us, made us feel confident in our purchase.”

Having grown considerably since their foundation, Betsy Benn is still looking for new ways to grow the business.Ms Benn said: “While I feel there is still more that I can achieve with my Speedy 300, I can definitely see progression and possibilities for additional machines.”

The Speedy 300 is a flatbed laser with a bed size of 726x432mm and superior product build for dust protection, making it a versatile option for companies who engrave and cut various materials.

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