Bespoke it your way

Bespokebury is a unique service offered by Henbury for you and your customers to allow a new level of adaptability in across the company’s brands.

Bespokebury allows you to expand on Henbury’s current range of products giving total flexibility and the opportunity to complete a tender or special order. The service can provide special sizes, unique colourways and longer/shorter lengths as well as bespoke styling.

Bespokebury is a service that is run through all the Henbury brands – Henbury, SF, Finden+Hales, Front Row, Tombo, Larkwood, Towel City, Splashmacs and Mumbles. The service is available for as few or as many garments as a customer requires, offering total versatility. Henbury can’t promise that everything is possible; but the team certainly can try to help, if they can, they will.

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