A bespoke garment facility that is all about you

Bespoke T shirt
Bespoke T shirt

Orn’s bespoke facility enables you to create your own garments and choose pretty much everything. This gives you the chance to create an image that is yours from the way the garment looks, the fabric, the colours, the design and labelling, from as little as 500 pieces per garment depending on the item.

The way it works is simple all the way from concept to delivery. Using Orn’s many years of experience in design and manufacturing you can bring your ideas to life. Orn designs the perfect solution for you, keeping you involved throughout the whole process, from design to sampling you will know exactly where the team is with the project. Samples are supplied at all of the key stages for you and your clients to approve. When it comes to the manufacturing stage Orn monitors production and quality control on your behalf through ethical factories that have worked with the company for years.

Orn takes great pride in making sure you and your customers can rely on them to consistently deliver projects on time and to budget. The company values the importance of you and your clients enjoying the whole experience from the concept stage to delivery ensuring you are continually satisfied and your garments meet your expectations.


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