Beneficial features for those who digitise their embroidery designs

Badge maker
Badge maker

The latest embroidery software development from GS UK is version 16 of the Ethos suite of embroidery software. This powerful new version has many beneficial features for those who use the software to digitise their own designs, as well as those who use it purely for editing existing designs.

In addition to new Satin Stitch font styles there are also Running Stitch fonts that allow Running stitch text to be typed out automatically. These may then be stitched in or edited as with any Satin Stitch font.

Elements of a design can now be separated using the new Layers feature, it enables easier modification of designs. This tool is particularly useful if you are using the Ethos software for other applications such as laser cutting or printing.

A unique Badge Maker Wizard is also now available allowing a selected badge shape and design to be set up and repeated within the dimensions of a chosen embroidery frame. Various options are then available regarding the stitching order of the individual elements. It makes setting up repeat badge designs very quick and easy.

Numerous other features and enhancements are included in this version which is tested and used in-house by GS’s design team.

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