Beechfield Brands launches new online decoration tool

Hadley Turney, Beechfield Brand’s product decoration executive, tells all about the company’s new online decoration tool called Technologo. This tool is available across the company’s four brands’ websites.

Q) What is Technologo in a nutshell?

Technologo is an efficient way to digitally personalise a product. A tool that easy to navigate, enabling a user to generate a realistic visual representation to share with a customer or client.

Q) What was the reason you decided to add this design tool across your websites?

Many of our customers are interested in seeing our products decorated so the demand was there. We wanted to support our customers, enabling a seamless way for users to digitally personalise products with ease.

Q) What is the main purpose of Technologo?

Technologo enables users to digitally personalise a product using their own branding, helping to visualise what a finished product would look like and easily share with customers and clients. It also acts as a tool for experimentation, allowing a user to test multiple SKUs and manipulate the shape and size of their branding to suit.

Q) How does a garment decorator use the Technologo tool on your websites?

Once a user is on a product page of choice, they will find a ‘LOGO’ button positioned above the product information, this will take them to a new window where they can easily select a SKU and upload their branding. Suitable for any user, allowing anyone to upload a variety of file formats from JPEG to a more advanced AI file. Should the file have a background, the tool can easily remove and crop the design from just one click. The user can also manipulate the size or angle of their branding to create a realistic representation.

Q) How do you suggest a decorator uses the virtual samples once they have been created?

Once the user is happy with their visual, they can easily save this to their desktop and share with customers and clients.

Q) What benefits does virtual sampling provide garment decorators?

It provides a platform for decorators to easily visualise decoration on a product, experimenting with various SKUs and allowing them to see their design and branding on multiple styles, opening up a number of possibilities. The user can also adjust the size and position of their branding, allowing them to view a realistic representation. It is also an effective communication tool, enabling users to show their clients what a finished product is going to look like prior to starting the job.

Q) Have you seen an increase in demand for virtual sampling in recent months?

We have seen a lot of positive engagement since we launched Technologo with the number of users increasing month by month. Our customers are interested in seeing our products decorated as well as gaining insight into the various techniques for inspiration, this has been evident at exhibitions and trade shows. Adding decoration immediately brings a product to life, inspiring customers with their own ideas and visions. During a period where face-to-face interaction has been limited to almost non-existent, virtual sampling is very much in demand.

Q) Is virtual sampling here to stay?

In an age where digital platforms are continuously developing, the demand for virtual sampling has very much been present over the years however this has accelerated due the new ways of working in response to the pandemic. Our customers benefit from seeing and physically touching products however, with trade shows currently on hold, it is important – now more than ever, to utilise digital tools such as Technologo to showcase and share our products. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that virtual sampling is here to stay.

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