Become more profitable in 2017

untitledIf you are looking to offer amazing new alternative decorations to your clients, decorations that virtually none of your competitors can offer and be more profitable in 2017 than you have ever been in the years before you might want to look into this new compact ceramic laser from Permaboss. TT30. The world’s first Table Top 30 watt Ceramic Embroidery laser.

If it takes you 12-18 minutes to do a left chest embroidery then it will take you just 12-18 seconds to laser etch or tattoo that same logo – best of all you get the same rate for laser etch as for embroidery but it takes seconds not minutes.

You will be able to do full front appliqué in less than 2,500 stitches. This means you can charge upwards of £7 for something you can produce quicker than the average left chest logo. If you want to do wood, granite, some metals and expand your offerings plus do all the polyesters in the technical textiles family then spend a little time on the Permaboss YouTube channel where you will find hundreds of videos, happy customers and no sales pressure at all, just straight facts and raw unedited one take videos on our all Permaboss machines. Visit and watch at or Contact the team directly when you want more specific information on how to make this work for your business regardless where you are located or who your competitors are right now.

For almost the last 18 years as been a world wide supplier and sells factory direct with no middleman. All machines have a global two year unlimited use warranty.

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