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See the latest printing technology’s in the Xpres Inspiration Suite

The Xpres Inspiration Suite has been at the forefront of technology for personalisation for over 15 years. Following a series of recent improvements and extensions, the brand invites garment decorators and manufacturers to experience the latest chapter in the history of this impressive facility.

Jam-packed full of new and exciting equipment, the Xpres Inspiration Suite is a print playground for entrepreneurial start-ups and established companies alike. Take advantage of the brand’s knowledgeable system specialists who are always on-hand to help customers find and demonstrate the technology that will elevate or diversify businesses.

The Inspiration Suite is now home to a variety of newly-merchandised displays, including examples of UV-printed items and wide-format fabric rails that demonstrate the stunning patterns that can be printed on our range sublimation textiles.

Thanks to Xpres’ on-going alliance with Adkins and Sefa, the company is still the UK’s number one for heat presses, so when it comes to heat transfer application – Xpres has got a solution to suit every budget and scale of operation!

The Loft

Introducing the Loft

Xpres has more technology upstairs in The Loft including a DTG station, print and cut systems that are perfect for garment decoration and you guessed it, even more heat presses!

The Loft is an entirely new space that presents a tangible opportunity to experience the varying finishes that can be achieved through the decoration techniques in which Xpres specialises. Feel the difference in texture between sublimation, laser transfer, printable media, single colour vinyl and DTG prints to better understand how to meet the needs of your customers or realise new business opportunities.

Visit Xpres’ sister brands

Visiting the Inspiration Suite also provides the ideal opportunity to experience the latest clothing from Xpres’ sister brands, Kustom Kit and Vanilla.

Vanilla’s converted camper van

This superb facility is also the new home of Vanilla’s converted camper van, which proudly showcases the latest in fashion for decoration! Experience a range of contemporary men’s, women’s and kids’ styles that serve as the perfect blank canvas for your retail-inspired designs.

The Kustom Kit Suite adjacent to The Loft is home to the brand’s complete 2019 collection. Be inspired by a range of corporate shirting, knitwear, brand new fashion tees, workwear, sportswear and hospitality clothing.

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