B&C Collection releases its first sustainability report

Over the last two years B&C Collection has taken huge strides in becoming a more sustainable business, and this year the brand has published its first sustainability report.

In 2021 B&C became a signatory to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals to guide it towards becoming more sustainable, and earlier this year four in-house staff members were appointed to focus entirely on sustainability issues.

Also, this year, B&C launched a brand-new label called Inspired Tomorrow to reflect the brand’s holistic vision. This label comprises 28 products made of more sustainable material.

Key 2021 achievements highlighted in the report include:

  • B&C’s warehouse produced 9,250 mWh/year of renewable energy (producing extra green electricity for 2,250 families).
  • Electricity at B&C’s partner warehouse is 100% renewable and produced on site by solar panels and wind turbines.
  • B&C has 100% traceability of its suppliers’ factories (both tier 1 and tier 2).
  • B&C has built and implemented a comprehensive Supply Chain Due Diligence process.
  • B&C’s headquarters uses 100% green electricity.
  • 100% of B&C’s partner factories are equipped with an efficient effluent treatment plant.
  • The volume of styles that are sold produced with sustainable cotton (organic cotton and Better Cotton) doubled in 2021 compared to 2020 (4x versus 2019).
  • 100% of B&C’s organic cotton is fully traceable and certified.
  • 33% of B&C’s T shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts are made of more sustainable cotton to serve the market needs.
  • Every recycled polyester sweatshirt B&C sells removes five waste PET bottles from the environment.
  • 90% of B&C’s references are made from fibres of natural origin.
  • 100% of B&C’s communication tools are sustainable sourced and produced.
  • B&C sorts and recycles 100% of its recyclable office waste.

To read the report in full visit www.bc-collection.eu

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