Barista style or instant machine coffee?


You can tell the difference between a machine-made instant coffee and a properly roasted cup made by a full trained barista and it’s the same with polo shirts; a quality polo will always be a more satisfying choice.

If you want a polo any trained barista would be proud to wear, then you need the Ultimate Cotton Polo (577 M/F) or the Classic Polycotton Polo (539 M/F) from corporate wear experts, Russell Europe.

Like the finest coffee, sometimes you want the purest blend. So, when only 100% cotton will do, the Ultimate Cotton Polo (577 M/F) is the natural choice. Available in nine colours, the fabric is pre-washed so it holds its size and shape for longer; ensuring its well suited to team wear. Finer, thinner yarns along with the double-tuck pattern, creates an exceptionally stable fabric and a very dense knit. The result is a softer hand-feel and a finer surface that’s ideal for more detailed embroidery.  Machine washable to 60°C and the ability to tumble dry means it’s as simple to care for as it is stylish.

Blending coffee beans can produce exemplary results too and the Classic PolyCotton Polo is the perfect example of this when it comes to corporate clothing. This classic polo shirt uses a unique double yarn. With two slim fibres, this unique double construction creates a very durable and hardwearing fibre. Yet it also gives a softer, more cotton-like feel to the finished fabric, and an extremely stable surface for even the most intricate decoration and embroidery. Available in a myriad of colours, it is ideal for hospitality environments, can be washed at 40°C and tumbled dried.

To keep up to the barista quality level Russell Europe is the one to wear.

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