Back to school!

Untitled-1‘Ah, what a beautiful summer!’ Or should that be ‘What beautiful summer?!’ You may take a view on which of those is more appropriate but one thing we can all agree on is that the summer, whatever it was like for you, is coming to an end and with it the school holidays. Yes kids, it’s back to school time.

Now for the children that means a return to the, according to them, boring daily grind while for their parents it probably represents a return to spending on uniforms, gym kit and other things that always generate comments such as ‘I can’t see why they need that’ or ‘Why do we have to buy it from that company?’

For this industry though, this time of year represents a busy and, hopefully, profitable increase in business. So why is Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd), supplier of machinery and consumables and not schoolwear, talking about this? Well, many customers are involved in supplying schoolwear and one of the problems that they often incur is generating stand-alone badges. These are fully embroidered badges that can then be sewn onto the pocket of a blazer or some such garment. Some describe it as a problem because they think it cannot be done on a standard embroidery machine but, guess what, it can! Every machine in the SWF range, no matter what size, has the capability of embroidering and cutting out stand-alone badges by using Venere needles. These are needles that have been developed to cut and not sew. They have no eye for the thread to go through because that is not their job. Instead they have an angled cutting edge that will cut through the fabric.

The method is simple: First you replace one of the standard needles with a Venere needle. Secondly you have the pattern specially digitised to include an extra function for cutting. With these two things in place you then  simply place your sheet of fabric on the machine, load the design and press the start button. The machine will embroider the badge and then cut it out – it really is as simple as that! You can either embroidery individual badges or sheets of the things.

Whatever SWF machine you have you can use Venere needles to achieve perfect badge embroidery. The investment is low but the results can be very profitable because Venere needles effectively add another very useful function to your machine.

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