AXZYRA offers print head flushing systems with full UK expertise

Axzyra, an inkjet specialist based near Cambridge, has the expertise to help bring new life back into your blocked print heads.
Axzyra, who has up to now operated mainly in the UV digital flatbed arena, has been contacted by users of inkjet DTG systems in the garment market to advise on a solution to flush print heads.

Inkjet print heads that print directly to garments work in a hostile environment of pre-treatment, wet-on-wet evaporation and airborne textile fibres.

Many companies have print heads that have been removed just sitting on shelves that can potentially be recovered. The Print Head Doctor (PHD) is well proven in the garment industry both in the UK and North America. The PHD can be programmed via a phone app to automatically run a series of forward and reverse flushing cycles through specific filters with pressures that take care of the internal structure of the print head. Specialist fluids are available tailored to the specific ink types which aid in the freeing up of the nozzle paths.

Print heads printing heavy white base coats are more susceptible to nozzle blockages due to the nature of the heavy concentration of material that gives the white its opacity. They really benefit from a periodic flush to keep nozzles optimised. In fact, some customers rotate them periodically after flushing giving better nozzle performance with minimum machine down time as part of their maintenance regime.

The Print Head doctor is available with adaptors for most common print heads including the commonly used StarFire SG1024i in Kornit DTG and the Epson i3200 being used in the new DTF machines, which AXZYRA also has just launched.

Contact Steve or Paul for a friendly informative discussion on your needs.

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