Automating packaging for the UK apparel industry

The Beck Packautomaten + Texfinity T.Shirt folding line automates packaging for the UK apparel industry, eliminating the bottleneck of folding and bagging forever.

Friedheim International has partnered customer favourite, the Beck Serienpacker SXJ, with the new innovative Texfinity T.Shirt garment folder to produce the markets fastest fold and bag system in the industry.

With the combination of the Beck-Texfinity folding line from Friedheim International, the bottleneck of folding and bagging has gone.

The line can produce over 1,200 products per hour and by adding a second Texfinity folder, one can achieve over 2,400 pieces per hour from one bagger. The line can fold many different types of garments with minimal manual intervention and at a consistent production rate.

The Texfinity T.Shirt is the fastest folder in the apparel industry

Texfinity T.Shirt apparel folding machine

The Texfinity T.Shirt is able to automatically fold a large array of apparel garments including T-shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts and hoodies.  In addition, the T.Shirt folder is also able to fold trousers, uniforms, hospital clothing and laundry items such as towels, sheets, pillow cases, etc.

  • Fastest folder in the apparel market.
  • High quality consistent folding for all garment sizes.
  • Flexible machine with easy programming and operator control.
  • Connection via internet for online diagnostics saving down time.
  • Industry leading three-year warranty available.

The machine automatically sorts the various pieces based on length or (optionally) width leading to the elimination of the pre-sorting stage. Items can then be set to individual pieces or in piles format for bagging of other processes, such as Kimble labelling, etc.

As the T.Shirt is able to make up to four folds, many different folding patterns are possible. For each type, a separate folding pattern can be programmed into the PLC based control system, making the machine extremely flexible.

Operating the machine is done through an easy to use seven inch colour touchscreen controlled by a powerful OMRON system leading to a higher accuracy in the folds. The primary folds are carried out by a pulsed air flow. Before the piece has entered completely the primary fold, the length is measured. Based upon this, one of the many possible folding patterns can be selected. The folding templates are automatically put in the right position and the pulsed air nozzles fold the piece tightly around the templates.

Once folded, items are directed towards a dedicated, programmable, stacker station. As soon as the required stack height is achieved (one to 10 items), the pile is put on the final delivery belt which can be located on either side and delivers the piles directly into the Beck Serienpacker.

Beck Serienpacker SXJ

The Beck-Serienpacker uses a unique four-sided sealing packaging concept. This concept with its non-deforming, shapely and tight packages can be made with manual or fully automatic product feeding. Two rolls of flat film guarantee that film and product are permanently guided and controlled during the four-side sealing process. According to this principle, not only can all films suited to industry be processed but also dull, very thin or very thick films.

  • Over 60 packs per minute are possible with the Serienpacker.
  • Secure protection against moisture, dirt, dust or damage is guaranteed.
  • Machines with manual or automatic product feeding.
  • New Euro-hole system available on request.
  • Fully automated models for in-line continuous production.
  • Custom-designed models to fit customer requirements.
  • Capable of using all types of wrapping film including PE, PP and PO.
  • Proven for its ability to work with film made of 100% recycled PE material and bio-film made of renewable raw materials.
  • Even more energy-efficient design thanks to its 2018 face lift, providing outstanding performance at only 7Kw.

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