Atlantis releases Sustainability Report 2019

Master Italia, the parent company of Atlantis, has released its Sustainability Report 2019 which outlines the company’s journey to sustainable headwear.

Since 2017 Master Italia has embarked on a path to integrate sustainability considerations into business decisions and relations with its stakeholders, thus seeking to improve the economic, environmental and social impacts of the company.

Over the years Master Italia has defined a system of values that are based upon the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations Agenda 2030. This action plan set out by the UN incorporates 17 different SDGs, that Master Italia shares and is aiming to achieve. The SDGs inspire Master Italia’s future efforts in terms of objectives, practices and projects.

Some of these SDGs include; ensuring inclusive education for all, achieving gender equality and promoting inclusive, sustained and sustainable economic growth.

The report outlines just how Master Italia will look to achieve these goals and the progress it has made in recent years.

President of Master Italia, Alessandro Colle Tiz, said: “In Master Italia we undertook a wonderful journey and we decided to communicate it through our products, our daily activities, and the behaviour of individuals who talk about our choice for a sustainable future.

“The company is a social good, it is constantly changing, adapting to the surrounding environment – and we with it. We are convinced that only with everyone’s contribution can we achieve our corporate goals. We believe in the diversity of ideas that generate innovation. We believe that it is people who make the real difference.

“Our responsibility is not only directed within the company and its stakeholders (employees, customers and suppliers), but is open and focused on the outside world, local communities, young people, schools and the social fabric that surrounds us.”

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