Are you still using the same embroidery backing as before?

Ultrasoft Tear Away Embroidery Backing

Garment fabrics evolve and new technical fabrics are being used all the time. You will see lots of advertising for ‘stay cool’ and many more new types of fabrics. Jas Purba, managing director of ETC Supplies, asks why don’t you change your embroidery backing to keep up with these fabrics?

Over the last few years, we have seen a huge demand especially for schoolwear, where the customer demands softer embroidery backings.

We find that large companies are the worst offenders. They have an attitude of; business is rolling in so why change. But if you look at the quality of embroidery they produce, you can see how this can be improved.

A budding small entrepreneur will cease upon this opportunity and offer the customer a better quality embroidery product and he will become the big company of tomorrow.

On a slightly different note. Since Brexit, we have seen a reduction in European business. But when we look at new markets such as America, we see how far advanced we are in our embroider backings technology and so much cheaper, then this opens new doors where volumes are much higher than Europe. The reason I mention this is that in the UK, ETC Supplies is far ahead in product development than other countries, including America and Europe so this gives our customers a competitive advantage.

Embroidery backings

Let’s get back to the embroidery backing.

About 10 years ago we launched Super Spun Cut Away embroidery backing. This was developed by us as customers were having problems embroidering on thin polyester sports tops and polo shirts. Super Spun has since become a huge hit and the standard for sportswear. As always, our competitors try to replicate our product, but never manage to get the same quality and performance.

Since then, we continue to listen to customers demands and see what new fabrics are being created so we can keep up to date with embroidery backings.

A couple of years ago we launched Ultrasoft Tear Away Embroidery Backing. This has also become a huge seller for us, as most schoolwear companies now use this product. One of the largest schoolwear suppliers in the UK, now exports this product so factories in Asia can use it in production of garments for this customer.

This year we launched Cotton Soft Tear Away Embroidery Backing. This product has a soft brushed cotton feel on the side worn next to the skin and a rigid grid pattern on the other side. Although this embroidery backing is only 50g in weight, due to its unique manufacturing process, you only need to use one piece.

Gone are the days of using several layers of embroidery backing to try and get a good design.

With so much choice available now, your customer will no longer get ugly puckered embroidery and uncomfortable to wear embroidered garments.

Ask yourself this question. How good is my embroidery?

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