Archroma to introduce new formaldehyde-free low temperature curing binder

Screen capture of Archroma’s video on the Helizarin LTC New

Archroma has launched Helizarin LTC New liq, a formaldehyde-free low temperature curing binder for pigment printing on all kinds of fibres.

Prints are increasingly popular in apparel and interior textiles, as they allow us to express ourselves through vibrant colours and patterns. Consumers are especially drawn to the soft touch of an elegantly printed fabric.

Creating soft and vibrant prints can however be challenging for textile manufacturers. Pigment printing is usually applied to the fabric with a binder that often contains formaldehyde, needs a high temperature for curing, and can make the fabric harsh to the touch.

That is why Archroma developed Helizarin LTC New to allow textile manufacturers to address these challenges.

Helizarin LTC New is a binder designed for low temperature curing or no curing. This allows the fixation temperature and time to be reduced compared to conventional pigment printing processes. In addition, manufacturers will not experience the change of shades that sometimes occur with high temperature processes.

When using Helizarin LTC New, textile manufacturers can therefore improve the productivity of their printing process and reduce their energy consumption.

Helizarin LTC New is also a welcome solution for textile manufacturers who do not have curing equipment, since it offers similar to better fastness than commodity binders that have been treated through a full process, and excellent fastness on synthetic fibers such as polyester and polyamide.

When it comes to the final result on the fabric, Helizarin LTC New allows the creation of soft and durable prints for premium quality articles.

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