Apply a cold Compress

Wouldn’t it be great to have a printer that could print onto just about any stable surface you can think of? Well, you can.

With the Compress iUV350, 600 and 1200 you can print onto wood, metal, glass, plastic, labels, signs, packaging, leather, fabrics – the list goes on and on.

So, what is iUV technology?

In short it is the use of ultra violet LEDs to instantly dry and cure ink no matter what surface the ink is sitting on. Simplistic but clever! All three models can achieve the same high standard of printing with each progressive model having an increased print area. This series of machines also brags an impressive range of standard specifications that include six independent colour channels, optional winder for roll media, WIMS white ink management system, all steel industrial construction, dual LED variable watt water cooled low heat lamps, inbuilt media detection and ink mist extraction. The industrial quality print head features 1,440 nozzles which are capable of delivering a minimum picolitre drop of just 3.5Ng for ultra-fine dot placement. Having six channels means that you can step outside of the standard CYMK set by adding white and clear and when set up in this mode these machines can deliver bright vibrant prints at remarkable speed. Each ink colour is delivered via a 250ml pressurised ink tank giving even distribution so print No. 100 looks the same as print No. 1.

Compress goes even further though with the inclusion of WIMS and IQ Interweave. The former is a system whereby the white ink is pressurised and recirculated allowing a constant feed to the damper. The latter is an ingenious system that eliminates banding when printing at lower resolutions. This in particular is a massive benefit as it allows you to deliver greater production numbers and thus more profit. For example when printing in quality mode the machines will deliver up to 50ft/hr whereas printing in production mode this figure can increase six fold, up to 300ft/hr.

The Compress range of iUV printers have everything that you want in a promotional printer and all at a much lower cost than you might expect. With all the benefits and the high quality prints that these machines can generate there really is no reason not to check them out.

For more information please contact or call 01623 863343.

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