Andreas Schulze designs new ZSK SPRINT 8

In 2019, the idea was born to hire an industrial designer for the development of a new ZSK SPRINT model. A key requirement for the new SPRINT model was robustness of the body and an improved ability for 3D puffy embroidery. The plan (pre-COVID) was to finalise the first machine before the scheduled Open House in 2020. These plans were postponed due to the pandemic, however the new ZSK SPRINT 8 model, designed by artist and designer Andreas Schulze, is finally here to bring a new level to industrial machine embroidery.

New Take-Up Lever: The machine is equipped with a slightly longer take up lever. This ensures slightly more thread and a softer embroidery result. The backside of the embroidery shows a very clean 1/3 1/3 1/3 result.

Noise: Components in the F-Head have been changed which leads to a reduced noise level.

Quick Change: The Quick Change System between operation modes (tubular – cap – shoe etc) is a standard feature of the SPRINT 8. (Previous models include this feature as an option extra).

Super fast catcher: The machine is equipped with a super fast catcher motor. The system works well for high quality threads such as Amann, Madeira and Gunold.

Status Light (optional): A status light (red/green) can be installed to the machine to signal the currently machine status. Ideal for factories with multiple machines.

Thread stand: The thread stand can be loosened/taken off with one screw. However the height cannot be adjusted as in the SPRINT 6 and 7. For mobile it is recommended to use a SPRINT 6.

Robustness: The machine weight has been increased by approximately 40kg. A lot of additional weight has been invested into the robustness of the machine body.

3D Embroidery: Organ Needles offer a needle with a very high thread channel. Combining this needle together with our latest puffy spring (extra strong) and the SPRINT 8 leads to great results, also for multi-level puffy embroidery.

18 Needle thread tension: The 18 needle thread tension base includes a couple of changes. Thread breakage is detected through the white wheels. Clamp tensions have a larger clamping area and therefore provide a smoother tension. The bars of the tension are drilled in the centre for a smooth thread path.

Fast colour change: The SPRINT 8 is equipped with a fast colour change system as a standard feature.

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