An excellent addition for DTG printers

The Nite Sprajet
The Nite Sprajet

R A Smart has recently become an official supplier of Nite pre-treatment units.

As an existing Epson specialist textile reseller, and with almost 50 years in the business, R A Smart is an expert when it comes to the Epson SureColor-F2000 direct to garment printer. With the capacity to employ white ink the printer is able to produce full-frontal, complex designs onto dark garments in under 120 seconds.

When using white ink a pre-treatment solution is unavoidable. Without the proper pre-treatment process the white ink will appear ‘dirty’ and colours won’t be vibrant or as expected, as the ink will effectively sink into the surface fibres of the T shirt. However, the pre-treatment acts as a barrier for the ink, allowing it to stay on the surface and colours to appear rich and vivid.

Application of the pre-treatment can be a laborious process if done by hand but now, with R A Smart’s introduction of the Nite Sprajet, the procedure couldn’t be easier. The fully automated system intelligently coats the garment evenly and efficiently, saving you time and money. The operator can determine exactly which location to treat and the strength of pre-treatment required. In addition, with no air compressor necessary and a compact and light-weight design, the Sprajet makes an excellent addition for the Epson, allowing customers to maximise their workflow and reduce waste costs.

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