Alexandra wins £1m-plus contract to provide winter uniforms for COVID testing centre staff

Alexandra will supply 80,000 items to COVID testing staff

Alexandra has secured a £1m-plus winter uniform contract for staff at more than 100 Sodexo-managed drive and walk-through centres.

That involves supplying around 80,000 items ranging from thermals, boots and body warmers to hi-vis jackets, coats and fleeces.

Janette Bowman, sales manager for national accounts at Alexandra, said: “This is a major order, the bulk of which is the winter uniform replacements for people who will be outside in all weathers this winter helping in the frontline fight against coronavirus.

“The uniforms are going to all Sodexo-managed sites and, given the quantities and tight turnaround time, it has been a massive operation across the organisation and I am so proud of what our team has achieved.

“We have worked closely with all our suppliers to ensure the quality and design requirements are met. Achieving this is a testament to the excellent relationships we have, in some cases built over many years but in others developed during the current pandemic.”

The largest network of diagnostic testing facilities created in British history now includes more than 78 drive-through and more than 200 walk-through Coronavirus testing sites, plus 258 mobile units.

Neal Gisborne, Sodexo Healthcare divisional director, added: “We are proud to be playing our part in the national fight against COVID-19. Our employees are at the heart of our organisation so we wanted to ensure they were warm and comfortable as they help people across the United Kingdom in all weathers this winter.”

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