AJS introduces new Tajima single-head embroidery machine this autumn

Tajima TMEZ-SC1501

The Tajima TMEZ-SC1501 with DCP and ITM technology is brand new for autumn 2019.

The TMEZ single-head embroidery machine comes with DCP – Digitally Controlled Presser Foot which enables users to control the presser foot according to the material thickness from the touch screen operating panel. Fabric doesn’t flutter even when sewing hard to embroiderer materials such as leather, thick fabrics, stretchy fabrics, quilting and thin or delicate fabrics such as cashmere.

Also the TMEZ comes with i-TM an innovative device to offer optimal tension adjustment quickly and easily.

i-TM solves issues such as:

  • Poor embroidery due to awkward twisted of threads.
  • Lessens the need for skilled operators.
  • Improves inconsistent finishes across heads and machines.
  • Puckering as the right amount of thread is delivered and the pulling is much less.
  • No need to constantly alter tensions after thread replacement.

The right amount of upper thread delivered to the needle is automatically calculated according to the stitch type.

Further adjustments can be made in the operating panel and settings can be saved in the embroidery file.

If you like Tajima machines, like the benefits of what the .pxf file extension gives you, then this machine with its unique features is well worth investigating, buying or upgrading too.

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