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TMAR-KC Type 2

Tajima and AJS Embroidery Service would like to announce the release of the latest model of embroidery machine – the TMAR-KC Type 2.

This latest release gives embroidery quality on a level never seen before.

Below is an overview of key features and benefits.


TMAR-KC Type 2 is equipped with a unique digitally controlled presser foot which can be set to very precise dead points to hold any thickness fabric, at any height and for any length of time that is needed to optimise the sewing process.

DCP is very effective when sewing thick fabrics, leather, stretchy fabrics and quilting. DCP is a game changer when sewing caps and especially if you are producing 3D foam designs.

FS mode

FS mode is a feature which has made the TFGN model very popular and sort after. FS mode is now on the TMAR-KC Type 2 and it takes control of very thin, very thick or awkward threads and muchly improves the stability and ultimately makes for a much nice finish.

Direct command switch

 A new head design on the TMAR-KC Type 2 incorporates direct command switches (buttons) on the actual sewing head. Commonly used functions maybe assigned to these buttons which make for a much better working efficiency and operator performance. Commands such as frame forward/back, trim, head on/off and DCP up or down can all now be simply done rather than having to access the control screen.

Slim cylinder bed

SCB is a major advantage and boost for cap manufacturers. Tajima has always been known for being the best machine for caps and now with a much reduced in size cylinder arm and new cap driver design cap production is much easier. You can now run on cap mode for caps, pockets, sleeves etc. at speeds up to 1000spm.

Head grouping

Head grouping is a new way of sewing very large designs on certain Tajima machines. Each of the individual machine heads in the group is assigned, by the head grouping manager software, a different part of the design to sew, allowing you to efficiently sew a wide design on the machine. Merge the fields and needles of two to four machine heads to increase the total width and colours of a design.

Head grouping makes light work of a labour intensive task by allowing you to assign sections of a design to different heads, and automatically controlling which heads sew which parts of a design.

Creating uniforms containing individual names with a common logo is now super easy using head group manager. Save time and eliminate errors by setting up large embroidery projects in minutes instead of hours.

Barcoding and PulseID (automation)

The ability to simply scan a barcode and have the right design, with production notes a correct starting position, speed set and all the colours already programmed in, is again changing the way Tajima customers work. With PulseID technology you can standardise your critical production processes and eliminate costs associated with manual errors. Pulse ID’s engines have been designed specifically for high volume personalisation creation. The PulseID automation solution reads orders directly from your existing order information system, creating professional quality files directly from computer data or from online order forms. Through PulseID, customised automation solutions are offered for any apparel decoration business.

Personalised designs are generated automatically based on the rules your company defines, and the rendering option lets customers visually approve their order before it goes into production. Combine this hands-off method with a simple barcode scanning system to significantly increase your machine operator’s productivity, and enable them to manage multiple machines at once.

Operating panel

To complement the TMAR-KC Type 2 features above the new TMA-K Type 2 machine comes with a full colour, touch screen operating panel. This panel has many features such as huge memory, folder options and many more time and money saving features. You can even load your next design while the current one is running.

The new TMAR-KC has other interesting features as a much lower maintenance programming. Oiling is reduced by 60% and you can now even have the option to include the world’s first automatic machine and sewing hook oiling system which fully automatically lubricates every part of your machine. No more poor machine performance from operators not oiling.

All round, again Tajima has released a machine which is a game changer.

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