Affordable wide format textile printing


Wide format textile printing is something that, over the years, many garment decoration companies have wanted to include in their catalogue. This is simply because much of their customer base has use of this as well as the standard decoration we see on ready-made garments. Up to now though the possibilities of including this extra service were seriously limited, mainly due to cost and space but all of that has changed with the introduction of the GOTX range of machines supplied by Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd).

This new range of machines brings digital textile printing to more businesses with models that represent a relatively low investment whilst achieving high productivity. These machines are fast, putting others that cost twice as much to shame. They can print flags and banners with high resolution images at the rate of, up to, 100sq m/hr while for the fashion industry high resolution imaging is available at the rate of 50 sq m/hr. These are truly amazing figures for machines of this size and cost and much of this is made possible because of the use of the Roto-trac feed system instead of the more usual Sticky Belt system. Many years ago YES Ltd took the digital print market and, effectively, re-invented it with the introduction of the DTG Digital range of direct to garment printers. They have now done the same with the digital direct to textile printing industry. To some it may look as though they are creating a new market but this is far from the truth. What they have done is to create a situation where an existing but unserved market can at last be satisfied that it has a range of machines that will do the job and do it effectively at a reasonable cost.

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