Affordable and stylish

The PRIO range covers all three levels of classification

The industrial workwear and safety industry has called out for affordable and stylish hi-vis workwear that can meet daily work challenges.

Projob Workwear has established the PRIO range, which is a new wide selection of entry-level garments that still hold all the premium quality.

With up to 15 garments within the range from trousers to softshell jackets, fleeces, polos the list goes on. All hi-vis items are EN ISO 20471 approved and accredited.

The range covers all three levels of classifications:

  • Class 1 – Displays the lowest level of protection and may only be used for little contact  with few vehicles or slow moving traffic.
  • Class 2 – Gives much better protection than Class 1, especially in daytime, twilight and fog. A larger coverage area of fluorescent and reflective material is used.
  • Class 3 – Gives the highest level of protection. To be used in the proximity of fast moving traffic.

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