Advances in colour management present new ways of working for large format print

Version 6 puts the user in control

Wide format print operations can now enjoy unrivalled brand and reputation protection thanks to a series of colour management and quality assurance enhancements made to the Print Factory software suite. The new features, which have been introduced in the Print Factory Version 6 update, have been driven by customer demand and the company’s desire to be the industry frontrunner in delivering fully automated workflows.

As well as empowering print shops with the potential to leverage all the benefits that automation can bring, the latest software delivers more robust solutions to ongoing colour management and quality assurance challenges.

Version 6 features an easy to use dashboard that puts the user in control of all aspects of the production process through a single web-based interface and provides data-driven insights that enable operators to identify and address inefficiencies. The dashboard can share quality control measurement reports against set tolerances with the print-buyer, and the solution provides track and trace IDs to show the real-time status of each job, printer and cutter.

The update also delivers multiple advances in colour management tools, ensuring consistent, accurate and vivid colour reproduction across substrates and devices. A new Resource Manager enables better management of colour profiles through storage on a central database, enabling easier access to profiles and ensuring they cannot become corrupted. Several new features have also been applied to the VISU MultiColour Engine, such as a light adjustment tool for visual colour adjustment, cleaner spot colour functionality and a colour correction plug-in that takes RGB to multi-channel creation.

Print Factory Version 6 also includes a new RIP user interface, the implementation of QR codes to enable end-to-end customer tracking, more powerful 64 bit conversion, PSB import (up to 2GB) and support for Mac OSX10.13.

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