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SOL’S 2015 brochure cover
SOL’S 2015 brochure cover

Established in Paris in 1991, SOL’S, the French leader in promotional textile and bags, has now made its mark as one of the major brands across Europe. With its French touch, SOL’S offers a wide range of products from the essentials right down to the most fashionable of garments with excellent prices and quality.

In 2015, SOL’S is delighted to continue its successful partnership with PenCarrie for a third year and to continue to establish the brand across the UK. From T shirts to polos, shirts to parkas, along with bags, caps, towels, workwear and much more, SOL’S diverse range is perfect for all types of promotional and event requirements.

This year, SOL’S will continue to innovate and has created a catalogue with a strong visual identity thanks to its magazine style imagery, animated models, dynamic pictures, and fashionable, detail-oriented products.

Once more, SOL’S will offer a new collection featuring 346 products, all of which can be customised, providing a range that is both modern and of a high quality. With 49 new ‘Designed in Paris’ products, the growing collection is available in an array of new styles, new fabrics and new colours.

SOL’S has continued to capitalise on its best-sellers by launching new on trend colours to meet the requirements of the market. The SOL’S REGENT (11380), SOL’S traditional round collar T shirt, is now available in a fashionable duck blue. Its fitted version, the SOL’S REGENT FIT (10553) and women’s version, the SOL’S MISS (11386), are also available in duck blue and also a warm, on trend honey. The SOL’S MASTER (11155) and SOL’S MOON (11388) V-neck T shirts are now available in mint. The SOL’S RELAX (46600) and SOL’S ROXY (46800) essential softshells are now available in a bold and contemporary absinth green that really stands out.

SKATE (01171)
SKATE (01171)

SOL’S is daringly launching the camo print in 2015. It is available throughout the new collection in T shirts (CAMO MEN 01188, CAMO WOMEN 01187), windbreakers (SKATE 01171), bags (LIGA 01205) or caps (BUFFALO 88100).

SOL’S has added four new dynamic neon colours (neon pink, green, yellow and orange) to the SOL’S new collection, including the sports products, where it is a dominant colour, (SPORTY 11939, SPORTY WOMEN 01159 T shirts) and in fashionable, retail products with as small hints and accents (SKATE 01171 windbreaker).

In addition to the neon colours, SOL’S has also focused on heather colours in its new collection. Nowadays, textured fabrics are increasingly popular and this is why, SOL’S enriches its heather colour range by adding three new colours: heather burgundy, heather blue and heather navy. The new fashionable round collar T shirts, MIXED MEN (01182) and MIXED WOMEN (01181), will include five heather colours including the new colour options, suiting classic promotional use but also appealing to the fashion market.

SOL’S has launched its own range of must-have, light padded jackets: the RIDE MEN (01193) and the RIDE WOMEN (01170). Available in four colours, these fashionable jackets are as light as they are warm.

The essential windbreaker for 2015 is definitely the unisex mesh lined SOL’S SKATE (01171) windbreaker which comes in five bi-colour styles including one in camo print and others with neon detail.

SOL’S has diversified its team sports range by adding one new short-sleeved shirt for adults (SOL’S ATLETICO 01177), and one for kids (SOL’S ATLETICO KIDS 01176). Available in five colours, these shirts are available in simple sizes for a better fit.

For sports garments, SOL’S has launched some new shorts for men (JUNE 01175) and for women (JUICY 01174) in French Terry (80% cotton – 20% polyester) which are very soft and comfortable, ideal for sporting activities. To accompany your sport’s kit, SOL’S has also developed a microfibre towel that’s ultra-fast drying, the SOL’S ATOLL in three sizes (01208, 01209, 01210).

MIXED MEN (01182) and MIXED WOMEN (01181)
MIXED MEN (01182) and MIXED WOMEN (01181)

Practical and on trend, the new SOL’S TRIBECA (01204) barrel bag is a multi-purpose bag available in five bi-colour styles, perfect for carrying sport items, travelling or for day-to-day use. In a more sporty spirit, the SOL’S LIGA (01205) sports bag is extremely convenient thanks to its inside shoe pocket and isothermal pocket. Its four bi-colour styles mix some of the basics of 2015 with SOL’S camo print, neon colours and smart details.

New headwear pieces have also been added such as the SOL’S BARNEY (01199) pom pom beanie which will be very stylish for winter months.

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