Acrystalic bespoke awards

Extend your options with Acrystalic
Extend your options with Acrystalic

Acrystalic is the new range of bespoke awards from Crystal Galleries that opens up a world of opportunities for you and your customers.

Many organisations long to have a bespoke award that really represents their business and will be unique to them. Until now the options have been either create a glass award, which can be costly and time consuming, or create an acrylic one, which can feel lightweight.

The awards use an acrylic top which gives almost unlimited flexibility. It can be cut to any shape or size and then printed with a full colour replication of a photo or logo. This is then mounted onto an optical crystal base to give it weight and the feel of a glass award. The base itself can be surface or subsurface engraved or even printed.

All of this is available at a price point similar to that of our standard crystal awards, and your products can be created and shipped within just 7 days.

What to put on your Acrystalic award?

  • Your logo:If you’ve got a vibrant, colourful logo then Acrystalic can really show it off. The logo itself could be for your business, event or product, and helps reinforce your brand at the same time.
  • Your product:Want to commemorate a product launch or anniversary etc? Have a photo of the product printed onto your Acrystalic award.
  • Your event:Great for occasions like fun runs, sponsored walks, sports events, and so on. A photo of the event itself could be printed on the top to remind people of the fun they had, with the date and a message engraved onto the base.

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