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Texart XT-640 ink system
Texart XT-640 ink system

Proprietary inks have advanced and evolved over the years to become one of a print professional’s greatest tools. Proprietary inks are designed to work in complete harmony with their machines to ensure a high quality output, enhanced machine performance and often contribute towards an elongated machine lifetime, with less required maintenance.

Utilising an ink range that provides customers with eye-catching and vibrant garments is essential for those in the textile industry, both to create versatile applications and ensure their products stand out in a now crowded market. Developed specifically to work with the Texart RT-640 and Texart XT-640 dye sublimation printers, the Roland DG Texart ink range delivers a flawless finish including velvety blacks and rich saturated colours to produce detailed fine prints on a range of materials; offering customers unique and intricate designs. By utilising Texart ink, businesses can offer its customers unrivalled vibrancy, quick drying times and long-lasting durability to ensure products stand the test of time.

As well as unrivalled quality and reliability, when configured in dual CMYK mode the Texart range works in combination with the Roland DG proprietary Ink Switching System to ensure high production levels by automatically switching to the next ink pouch for unattended continuous printing. This automated process maximises efficiency by lengthening the time between pouch replacements for minimal interruptions. The Texart 1L pouches are available at an economical price, to allow users to make the most out of their business.

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