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Adelco’s new production facility

Adelco highlights what’s new in its product portfolio that will help screen printers increase their throughput and streamline production in 2021.

Adelco has been a world leader in manufacturing screen printing and drying solutions for more than 40 years.

Its manufacturing facility in China gives the advantage of producing equipment to European standards utilising the highest quality components at extremely competitive prices. Coupled with its UK-based sales and service support centre. Adelco employs over 80 staff supporting a thriving worldwide distributor network.

What’s been happening this year?

Adelco launched its new branding at the beginning of the year, to reflect the company’s evolution into a global manufacturing business.

Due to rapid growth in global sales of its dryers and screen printing presses, Adelco has expanded its manufacturing facility to over three times the size in the last 18 months.

Adelco’s product range

Adelco is proud to be able to offer the following innovative, quality machines that not only increases throughput but streamlines your production. Adelco’s UK-based engineers provide peace of mind with continued support, either on the end of the phone, or in person.

Textile dryers: Adelco has an excellent reputation worldwide for its textile drying equipment. They are known for their quality workmanship and contemporary design. With investment into research and development, Adelco is consistently bringing to market fresh, feature rich products that are always ahead of the competition. The Pro-Cure is the flagship dryer, packed with exciting specs, including vacuum hold down, in-feed and out feed extraction and auto tension self-tracking rollers. There is a dryer for every size of printshop, whether you are a screen or DTG printer or both.

Screen printing: The Adelco Cyclone carousel, is an automatic screen printing press that has pin point accuracy at high speeds. This was built from the ground up with the printer in mind at every stage. Superb quality while still offering incredible value for money. Adelco also manufactures a range of oval format screen printing machines with limitless options in colours and stations. Adelco also makes a full range of ancillaries including flash cure units, flocking and hot iron stations.

Digital printers: Adelco is proud to be the sole UK supplier, for the high production DTG system, the OvalJet. This oval system produces unmatched colour vibrancy, superior wash durability and prints up to 240 garments per hour, with low print cost and exceptional ROI. All with a single operator and single ink set.

Folding equipment:  Adelco is the UK supplier of Thermotron folding and bagging machines, Thermotron machines have been around since the 1970s and have a reputation for quality and innovation. Their folding , bagging and stacking textile machines are invaluable to increasing the production capacity, consistency and quality of packing products.

Thermotron offers a variety of combinations to suit any requirement. Each machine is modular giving the versatility to tailor-make your line to suit your individual needs and expand at your own pace.

The portfolio consists of the following modules:

  • STP1000 – Folding

An automatic folding machine that operates quickly and quietly with ultimate precision to perfectly fold many types of garments. Requires just one operator, and is easily adjusted to fold various types and sizes of clothing. Can fold up to 5,500 garments per eight-hour shift.

  • LD70 – Label sticker dispenser

The LD70 unit places adhesive strips and labels onto clothes, once they have been folded in the STP1000 folding machine. The purpose of the labels is to inform the final consumer about the size etc. of the garment.

  • PV40 – Bagging

This automatic bagging machine bags garments that comes already folded from the folding machine STP1000, into Polyethylene bags or the more environmental bio bags in the form of an envelope. This can easily keep up with the STP1000 production.

  • KL60 – Tape sealing

An automatic tape sealing machine that closes the bags that contains garments, coming from the bagging machine PV-40 with adhesive tape.

  • TH44 – Heat sealing

Automatic heat-sealing machine, that seals the plastic bags that contains garments coming from the bagging machine PV40 with heat.

  • BC41 – Barcode label printer

Automatic barcode label printer that prints and attaches labels easily and efficiently to plastic bags, once it leaves the PV40 bagging machine.

  • FX25 – Folding and bagging 

A standalone folding and bagging machine, with one operator can fold up to 2,500 pieces per eight-hour shift.

Adelco is proud to be able to offer these innovative machines. Feel confident with the company’s UK-based engineers and after service.

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