A winning combination

This design was created using EasySubli for sublimation printers

Grafityp has been serving the UK market for over 30 years and its European history goes back even further. The initial start of the Grafityp empire came in 1945 with the name Grafityp being introduced later on in 1969.

The team at Grafityp know some people are often confused by the pronunciation of the name, so here goes – Graf-E- Tip – Grafityp. Why not give the team a call and try it out?

The Grafityp – Siser partnership goes way back and has been an integral part of Grafityp’s UK business for almost 30 years, so you could say the company knows quite a bit about these materials and their applications as the two companies have grown together over the years.


Grafityp UK is Siser’s UK partner and carries the whole range of Siser materials and hardware, all of which are readily available along with the best expert advice to all those in need of it.

Numerous options for both CAD-Cut and printable materials are all available, plus Grafityp has solutions for almost all types of applications, with virtually everything in stock for fast next working day delivery. The team appreciates that availability is very important, especially for those out of the blue unexpected large orders. Grafityp’s extensive stock holding means the company can ensure the products you need are with you quickly. From standard colours through to the shiniest of glitters, Grafityp can supply exactly what you need to get the job done. Grafityp also converts the materials meaning there are also options if you need specific widths not normally available. The same goes for the printable material ranges offered, with numerous options to suit your application and machine type. Again options are available in a selection of widths to make sure you maximise the most from your material with minimal waste.

Virtually all the products we offer are Oeko-Tex Class 1, this means you can rest easy knowing that the materials you are using from Siser conform to the strictest Class 1 standard. This means it is safe for application onto items even for babies and toddlers as it contains no harmful substances at all.

Comprehensive range

The Siser range is extremely comprehensive, with its many years of manufacturing expertise and innovation, working with Siser products can really help to make all your decoration jobs and personalisation projects the very best they can be.

Understanding which products are right for you and the best for your application is vitally important. Having the best products is all well and good but it is only part of the package. This is why Grafityp bolsters all of these fantastic options, with informative and experienced staff and the full technical backing of Siser themselves. It really is a winning combination for both new and our many existing customers.

This print was created using BlackBoard and PS Metalic Silver

Grafityp product manager for the Siser brand, Sue Kirkwood, has been at the forefront of Grafityp Siser sales for over 12 years and really does know the products inside out and back to front.

“Real in-depth product knowledge is so important,” stated Sue Kirkwood. “Customers rely on us for answers to all of their questions, from the normal daily how to questions, through to the more technical issues. These can include issues like colour matching or producing items for corporate clients and specialist applications onto a multitude of materials.”

All of this support and knowledge is readily on hand from the team at Grafityp. Being able to advise and recommend solutions is made so much easier when you can have total confidence in the world leading Siser brand offered.


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