A.W.T. updates an old favourite

The Rototex

A.W.T. has put a new spin on the Rototex manual textile printer, with convenient new features and a smaller overall footprint.

Known for the most accurate registration in the industry, the Rototex is the strongest, most reliable manual textile printer on the market. Since its introduction in 1976, the Rototex has been the most sought-after manual T shirt printer in the world.

The updated units feature a 20% smaller overall footprint without compromising the stability and durability for which the Rototex is known. A new lightweight head means easier rotation of the carousel to print position and easier indexing.  The new design facilitates faster setups and changeovers with tool-free adjustments, and quick release pallets standard on all models.

More than four decades since its launch, the Rototex is alive and well, with an unmatched reputation for reliability and durability. In 2018, tens of thousands of print shops around the world are using Rototex units to maintain tight tolerances and produce high-quality images on T shirts and other textiles. A.W.T. World Trade and Graphic Parts International continue to support these users with technical assistance and readily available replacement parts, with many in stock.

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