A team of dedicated and passionate professionals

Shabbir Maimoon and Akil Thathia, directors at Snuggle

Since its founding in 2011, Snuggle has continued to grow and succeed in the printing industry. Read on to find out more about this up and coming print business.

Snuggle currently prints over 25,000 garments per month, in addition to the many other products which it offers.

The company uses a range of different printing methods ranging from DTG, vinyl, UV and sublimation printing; which enables the team to print on a very wide array of fabrics and substrates. Snuggle is proud of its ever growing team of highly trained, dedicated and hard working people who are one of the key parts of its success.

Why choose Snuggle?

There are umpteen reasons why you should choose Snuggle for your printing needs: reliability, flexibility, experience, and cost effectiveness. Meeting deadlines and accommodating any size order are two of the top priorities at Snuggle.

When the team says it will get it done you can rest assure that it will. With a wealth of experience the team at Snuggle is used to handling all types of orders, and is extremely efficient.

They are happy to accommodate if you find yourself needing to complete an order in a rush and are flexible enough to ensure they can complete it for you. A huge array of different products and garments ensures they can cater for any budget to suit you and your customers’ requirements.

Printing for any type of clothing

Snuggle uses the Kornit Hexa DTG system which has an additional red and green ink channel so that you can rest assured knowing that your prints will be bright, vibrant and colourful.

Printing can be done on various materials and garments with constant testing being done so that the team can be confident that the prints will look the best they can and also be durable when washed.

Print on demand services

Snuggle offers a print on demand service which enables you to send an order directly to the team who will then pick, print, and ship the order direct to your customer. The best part is your customers won’t even know that Snuggle was involved; they will think you have done all the work.

Snuggle aims to dispatch all orders within a maximum time frame of 48 hours, although this is usually much quicker. The combination of superb printing capabilities and quick turnaround times means that you can rest assured that your customers will be happy. This extremely handy service allows you to focus on other, often important but neglected, aspects of your business like sales and marketing.

Another great part of Snuggle’s drop shipping service is that there are no minimum orders. So no matter the size of the order Snuggle can still accommodate.

A bright future

With year on year growth Snuggle is confident in its team and that they have the skills, experience, knowledge, equipment and expertise to help with your printing requirements.

With a strong focus on great customer service to ensure customers are happy and by ensuring they deliver the best products they can, they have earned a reputation for their quality, reliability and excellent customer service.

Snuggle is happy to work with and provide printing services  to companies of all sizes; from small startup companies all the way through to working with established large printing and screen printing companies. Whether you have a single order which can be done using Snuggle’s print on-demand service or a larger order, overflow work or a rush job the team is ready and waiting to work with you.

Snuggle has recently secured a deal to upgrade and expand its printing capabilities and

equipment and soon will be looking to move into larger premises as it is already bursting at the seams. Snuggle is thriving and the company looks set for continued growth and success.

If you are interested in Snuggle’s printing or print on demand services, get in touch today. Snuggle can help you meet all of your printing needs and requirements.


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