A positive development from Blacquer Ink

The high density ink
The high density ink

An innovative high density black inkjet ink designed for creating high quality screen positives has been developed by Blacquer Ink.

This highly pigmented black ink is designed to produce some of the most opaque black films on the market to ensure users create high quality screens time after time without worrying about under exposure.

The easy to use system has been developed to cater for small to medium screen printers who are currently using printers and ink not fit for the job.

Developer of the ink, Dr Andy Hancock commented: “We noticed that a lot of screen printers were printing screen positives with ink that was not fit for purpose. The black produced from an OEM ink is not always opaque enough to cope with the intensity of the light source used to create the screen.

“We also heard many cases of users taping multiple sheets together to create larger films and also doubling up printed films to create denser images. This is why we created Blacquer Ink.”

The ink is supplied in refillable cartridges, so when the cartridge runs out, the user simply fills it up with a syringe provided.  This way, the cost of ink is up to 10 times less than OEM ink.

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