A popular choice for garment decorators


The Brother GT-3 Series direct to garment printer has proved itself to be a popular choice for many companies throughout the UK, from established printers through to new start-up businesses. The success of the GT-3 series is in part down to the high quality prints and ease of use in addition to the Series being modular based.

Brother GT 341

This is a great entry level and ideal for those starting up in business, with CMYK it can be used to print on whites and light coloured garments. The GT 361 and GT 381 models offer the further option of being able to print onto dark garments and would ideally be combined in a production environment with a Pre-Treatment machine and a heat press.


Garments printed with a white under-base are required to be pre-treated prior to the white under-base being printed. The pre-treatment fluid allows the white ink to remain on the top of the garment and still have desired wash-ability. Pre-treatment fluid can be applied via a machine or manually.

The advantages of using a machine to pre-treat such as the Schulze Pretreatmaker III is that it allows easy setup of the spray length, width and amount of pretreatment via a touchscreen. The machine comes equipped with four valves, which can each be controlled individually. This not only allows you to setup your individual pretreatment area but also saves a lot of pretreatment liquid. Using a pre-treatment machine ensures the fluid is distributed evenly on the garment in the appropriate amount and in the correct location, therefore ensuring the optimal print quality and wash-ability.

Schulze Pretreatmaker III
Schulze Pretreatmaker III

Brother GT 361 and GT 381

Once the pre-treatment process has occurred both the Brother GT 361 and the GT 381 machines have the capability to print on dark garments.


All of the GT-3 printers use direct to garment inks which are designed to bond to natural fabrics, they can be used to print on a variety of fabric types, however, best quality results are achieved using 100% cotton and high cotton blends

GS UK offers a price match promise on both the GT-3 machines and inks. It has a team of Brother qualified engineers which both install and service machines throughout the UK.


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