A platform that manages custom printing and embroidery sales, design and production

Information at your fingertips
Information at your fingertips

DecoNetwork is an all-in-one business management solution for print and embroidery professionals.

The DecoNetwork platform manages custom printing and embroidery sales, design and production.

Powerful business tools streamline your quotes, orders, purchasing, production and customer management, and integrated ecommerce web stores host your online sales channel.

DecoNetwork works with leading UK apparel suppliers to make popular brands available within the

platform, all products are optimised for print and embroidery with defined areas and suitability

filters. Custom products can also be added offering your business the ease of use it needs without comprising on flexibility.

The inbuilt graphics tools allow you or your customers to create the desired product by adding an image or text for both print and embroidery. The integrated online designer is not only used as an interactive sales tool but also, where possible, creates production ready files.

DecoNetwork also supports ‘affiliate’ web stores, so e-commerce sites can be created to focus on niche markets and or branded clothing for a school uniform or club wear.

DecoNetwork is a secure multi-user solution, which means that you and your team can work from

multiple locations with different user privileges. So, using the same system, your sales staff can

raise quotes and orders while out on the road or in the office, your production team can update

orders and shipping status, whilst your accounts administration staff can manage invoices and

statements. And, as the business manager, you have a live newsfeed of every aspect of your

business. Having this level of information at your fingertips vastly increases your ability to manage your business as it should be managed.

The power of DecoNetwork is not the individual features of each component or functional part but

the ‘joined up’ nature of the system as a whole; a truly joined up business solution that could transform the effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

DecoNetwork customers benefit from a range of support services, including UK telephone support, 24 hr global support ticket system, active blog and live Q&As.

As a subscription based product DecoNetwork customers enjoy regular software updates; some

recent software developments include MailChimp integration, Zoho CRM integration and Artwork Approval Management.

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