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Quality defines everything and Towel City brings you the very best with its towel collection.

The Towel City Collection is synonymous with quality and luxury as well as bringing affordability to the promotional market. The collection is available in an array of beautiful colours from classic subtle hues to rich and luxuriously vibrant shades. All of bath and sports towels are Oeko-Tex approved so you can be confident that they are as good as they feel.

The Towel City range of towels, robes and bathwear accessories are easily decorated with trademarks, logos, designs or motifs to promote and emphasize your brand, image or message.

Quality is definitely everything and Towel City aims to bring you the very best with its towel collection.

Brochure layout:

  • Towel City collection 2016.
  • Neatly sectioned.
  • Information on sizes.
  • Spacious and light and easy to navigate.
  • Useful information for readers to keep and re-use.

For more information visit www.towelcity.co.uk

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