A game changer in the woven and embroidered badge industry

1Netdigitizing has been in the embroidery industry for more than 30 years. Now the company has entered the badge industry with the launch of EmbroideryBadge.UK with a game changing seven day rush service. The introduction of this service will make a huge difference to the way the clothing and branding world looks at badges.

Netdigitizing’s design department has digitised close to 600,000 embroidery files to date. This has given the company a greater knowledge and first-hand experience of all aspects of the clothing industry. From being a part of the manufacturing industry to being a design service provider, the company has worked closely with all aspects of business manufacturing, supplying, branding, promotions etc. It’s this experience that goes into EmbroideryBadge.UK, where each design benefits from our expertise, support and logistics.

EmbroideryBadge.UK is not a typical commission agent which sources and imports cheap badges. The company studies the badges and decides on the correct technique and the correct product for your brand and your logo or design. The first rate team are experts in their field, know their industry and can deliver the order fast and to your exact specifications. This results in you getting that perfect embroidery badge or a great looking woven badge.

As Netdigitizing has been around for about 30 years now, the company knows what’s possible and how to work within the limitations of embroidery. The artwork team can quickly vectorise amazingly detailed artwork that helps to create intricate woven badges.

The fact that the company has amazing customer service, working from two offices in the UK, means that you can discuss your ideas with our experienced staff. They can suggest ways and means of translating your logo into an embroidery badge or a woven badge, the correct badge borders, and badge backings.

Of course, when your requests are now followed by mock-up, you can actually see your ideas taking shape in stitches, all in woven threads.

EmbroideryBadge.UK badges will suddenly be faster to procure and that means shorter delivery periods

Chetan Chandarana, managing director, Netdigitizing and EmroideryBadge.UK

“I have done a lot of spade work and had a series of meetings with customers, travelling the length and breadth of UK, and our product will be different in terms of quality and speed. We have tried to make easy the concept of woven and embroidered elements combined into one badge, 3D foam badges, chenille badges and badges that can be used as embroidery appliqués.

pic 1With the rapid advancement in technology in the last few years there are new possibilities in badges that many customers are not aware of, for example when I went to see a large workwear company in the Midlands they were not aware of that fact that a woven badge could have an embroidered edge and could be directly heat sealed onto the garment/ product.

Our double and triple layered appliqué transfers can help make teamwear distinctive and with the use of laser engraving on appliqués the branding possibilities are immense.

This technology has now made it easier to brand golf and sporting equipment like kit bags and those products can now be embroidered, which was not possible previously. The placement of badges was restricted by the fact whether they could be hooped on a machine or not.

The badge industry is on a high since a large number of premier football clubs started to move over to woven badges that are appliquéd onto the garment. More and more schools are taking the route of heat applied badges over direct embroidery as this has been proved to keep the costs down.

Can the woven badges replace embroidery? I don’t think so! But what I do know is that the right quality of badges delivered fast and correct is resulting in more and more of our customers showing interest in getting the garments embellished in the UK rather than have it embroidered at source, overseas.”

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